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I take this with temazapam for some doze disorders. after endeavouring every new & large doze meds the Dr endeavoured this. Sleep boundry disorder & insomnia are being treated seperately but only the klonopin has worked (On the SBD). I can't even notify I'm taking the temazapam even after residing off of it for 2 months.

I begun getting dizziness and disquiet attacks when I discovered out my Mom had Alzheimers's. After 2 years of considering with this and a electric battery of checks (EKG, echocardiogram, heart supervise, carotid artery check, MRI of mind, personal treatment because one neuroligist said it was initiated by my posture), I went to a psychiatrist and he prescribed Klonopin. Now before this I couldn't even get out of bed, I was agitating so awful interior and had a feeling of worry constantly. I was on ill depart from work for nearly 6 months. After the medical practitioner provided me Klonopin, I sensed usual afresh the next day. I was sooo happy! I've been on it for 3 years now and it still works like it did before. I take 1.5 mg 3 times a day and it's just wonderful. I am so joyous he prescribed this for me!

I have finished well with this treatment.My fright attacks are not as awful as they were and when i start one is subsides quickly.I furthermore bear from despondency and it has kept me in a better mood.

I took this or anxiety. Don't make the error I did and take it every day. It is custom forming. Don't halt it "cold turkey". You should wean off of it under a doctor's supervision.

Reason for using: Social Anxiety.Side Effects: minor cognitive impairment, minor amnesia, daytime drowsinessPeople deploring about withdrawl-- dont accuse the med, accuse the foolish doc that didnt announce you about the drug. There are far poorer pharmaceuticals when contemplating side effect profile, advantage to risk ratio, and therapeutic index. As far as disquiet respite, this is by far (with exclusion to other benzodiazepines) the best medication, all things considered. MAIOs may have somewhat better efficacy but with the limits and contraindications, benzos reign supreme in disquiet treatment. As long as one realises the promise dependence and likely departure symptoms, this pharmaceutical works wonders with correct treatment and the supervision of a medical practitioner that realises anxiety.